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Character Duping simple
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Can duplicate character by pressing esc at start up


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When loading in to a server after you see "Ready" text count to 2 and hit "Esc" Then load back in to the server fully an you will have a duplication of the same character to kill and loot for free gear.

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Confirmed and tested. For an easy test (if the countdown fails) have a character watch you load in. When body appears tell other user to spam escape. This will leave their body in game. Their gear can be looted after false character is handcuffed or killed. Character animation for false character is prone then crouch and remain crouched.

Have personally seen the bodies left behind from this action on multiple servers (issue is widespread). You should be able to tell fairly quickly/easily when a new spawn has been killed or when a character has been duplicated.

I would call this a critical bug and would like to see this resolved in an upcoming patch. Would also like subjects on duplication moved to a private or hidden section of the feedback forum for developers to address so this technique cannot be broadcasted for everyone to see and use.

*Update* I confirmed the report, and reproduced it easily. My original attempts were done on a rooftop, so the body probably fell through the floor.

This issue is also reported as #0003688.

@Horatious i have re-produced this on mulitple servers US and UK servers ping ranging from 20-150 Watch the red text for BE come on screen then as soon as you see the white ready text in the bottem left just wait for a second and then press ESC once. then when it puts you in the server list join that same server again and you will have a second body just stood there for you to loot.

OS:Windows 7 64bit, Works on all systems pretty easy once you get the timing right.

I agree with Narcdriver all bug reports should be private to the devs unless they require further feedback for them. Just having the title visable is enough to stop bug spam.

Duplicate of #3688 (Reproduction of Character as unnamed basic AI entity.).

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