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Still able to delete .pbo files and log in to servers.
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Able to trick BE in to letting you log in without pbo files


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Remove .pbo files from the addons folder, Launch client. While at the main menu add the pbo files back in to the addon folder and join a server.

This stops your client from loading the pbo files and when BE scans the addon folder it shows all pbo's present so when you join a server you dont have grass tree's etc...

Removing grass increase's FPS from 20 to 40+ So please make removing grass a legit option within the ingame settings.

Additional Information

Simple way to fix this is to force BE to check addons folder BEFORE the client loads so the files get locked in place as they are being used.

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Please please please add removing grass a legit option within the ingame settings as the FPS increase is so big that it opens the game up to more low end computers. Laptops and PC's are reporting a 20+ FPS increase making the game playable for low end systems.

Also to counter the what if im sniping etc... argument make it like the mod where if prone in the distance they are invisable while in the grass.

Duplicate of #0004774 ([HIGH PRIORITY] Built in cheat whenn deleting .pbo files).

This issue should be resolved in the version after 115188. But still, if you should encounter it after that update, please refer to the original issue and don't start a new one. We appreciate it.