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DayZ continually starting new network sessions causing router to choke and game connection to inevitibly fail
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The game manages to open thousands of network sessions on my router and not close them. This causes my network to perform abysmally while my router expects all these sessions to be active.

Under normal non DayZ circumstances, it's normal to see perhaps 10-100 sessions open (generally I have way too many browser tabs open like this) and changing with closing and opening of new/old ones.
When DayZ starts everything changes, refreshing the server lists opens about 1k sessions. Playing the game causes it to eventually build up to 8k-12k! At which point the game is no longer playable, yellow chains, red chains and no chains but almost zero server communication going on. Can't interact with anything, every player I see is frozen in an looping animation.

I don't have any issues with any other games, they all manage to close sessions without any issue at all leaving my router free to do it's other business. I have played with all of my router settings related to filtering, port forwarding and hardware firewall with no improved long term result.

Check the attached picture to see an already ridiculous open session count. This is not caused by any other software on my computer. {F29648}


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Open DayZ. Join server. Watch IP sessions opening like it's going out of fashion.

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you have this for a while or since BattleEye was added?

try a Experimental server. i think there is no BE active atm.