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Stuck at "Please wait..." Unable to spawn
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I'm stuck at Please wait... nothing helps getting out of it. respawn button does nothing, waiting for Hive/server to load my profil does nothing. its now 24hours that i cant spawn on any server.

~ 200 dif. servers
+ 1000 times respawning

but it allways stays at please wait. after respawning i dont even get the server msgs like "ready, test 1 2 3" etc i just feels like my Profil/GUID is lost in Hive and therefore ignored no matter what i do. {F29647}


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Steps To Reproduce

1 Stack several backpacks into each other
2 Disconnect from the server while still having the Backpacks equipted
3 Connect to a new server
4 stuck at please wait while connecting to a server.
5 disconnected from it after a few minutes waiting.

Step 3-5 is now a inf. loop.

Additional Information

I would reproduce it on the experimental server, if i had any reason to but since there is no way out of this mess yet i rather not screw with the last possibility to play the game.

I Attached some Files that might the Dev. team



  • DayZ.bidmp
  • DayZ.mdmp
  • DayZ.RPT

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FYI do not try to reproduce it as a regular user!!!

seems to be impossible to fix atm so you won't be able to play the game anymore!

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Reading the report of this bug, it appears to me that there is no other bug as crucial as this one, as you literally cannnot play the game anymore.

Also, this is not the first time I heard of this issue.

I Managed to destroy my corrupted Hive profil by letting a makro join a different server every 10 sec and leave it after a few seconds took ~ 90m straight.

so i'm able to join and play again.

still stacking full backpacks into empty once should only work once.

I am having the same exact problem, if you know a way to fix it, it would be nice to have a step by step list on what to do.

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have this problem too, did not know that it's a bad idea to put 10 backpacks into backpacks.
This has to get fixed!
I'll try join-leave-join-leave too.
Please tell me if there are easier ways to get this fixed.

A destroy character button in menu would be really nice.
Furthermore character save should be more stable, I lost my char 3 times just cause some bugs decided to randomly delete it when I wanted to join servers.

Hmmm feels wrong but...

a hacker that would just kill / wipe my char sounds great atm

For further tests, and better feedback you guys should really consider a button on main menu wich allows you to wipe your char from the Hive db. otherwise testing gamebreaking bugs and glitches for good feedback is a pain in the ass.

i now found a glitch that should def. be fixed. because it breaks the game. GREAT i helped making the game better!

now i cant do anything with the game anymore till its fixed ;/


Thank you for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.

The problem regarding stacking bags is a known issue that has previously been reported and should now be resolved.