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HUGE exploit found. Duplication of your Character upon login. Kill yourself and loot items.
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When you choose a server and login, then when the game says "Ready..." you spam ESC. That makes you leave the game and enter the server browser again. BUT, your character has spawned a "dummy" in game.
If you join the same server seconds later, you stand next to your self.
You can then just shoot your just created dummy, and loot all your things.

This is ruining the whole item scouting aspect of the game, as groups of 2-5+ people just duplicate items across all players.
This encourages even more to Shoot on Sight mentality, because it's way too easy to duplicate everything.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open DayZ
  2. Find a server
  3. When game says "Ready" SPAM your ESC button.
  4. Login to the same server again.
  5. Shoot the dummy you've just created by this bug.
Additional Information

This can reproduced EVERY time, and is such a game breaker as nobody is scouting locations for loot anymore.
I'm creating this as private so people who don't know, don't start doing this.

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