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Can't interact with anything, can't move things around in my inventory. nothing works. Don't see players/zeds
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Ok so I played this morning for a little bit, got geared up bla bla. Now I wanted to play with two friends. I join a server, we meet up. I can't see him, no zeds are attracted to me, they just stand around. For me, at least. My friend can see me moving, looking around, even hear me. The zeds were chasing me on his screen. I can't open doors, I can't drop items, I can't move items around in my inventory, I can't pick items up. I also cannot quick access items from the bar on the bottom.
My friend tells me I'm lagging around, while our skype call is crystal clear and I get upwards of 5 MB/s in download.


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I have no clue as to how to reproduce this bug.
One thing I did though, before logging off I added a backpack to a backpack to a backpack to a backpack. Could this cause the bug?

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #1109

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Yes, my friend and I were having the same exact issue, and when he unstacked his backpacks, it resolved all the issues we were having. see issue # 0005854.

I could play just fine, then when my friend would join the server, I and he would be unable to interact with the environment or our inventory at all.