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General lack of roadsigns on the northern part of the map
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I´m aware of this beeing low priority but it´s a bit annoying.
I traveled the far north of the map for fun(between Olsha and Petrovka). I found a lot of roads there, but not a single roadsign showing where those roads are heading to.
A bit unrealistic since lots of streets are splitting up and theres no sign showing where they are going. It also makes orientation much more difficult, especially if you have no compass or map with you and you don´t know where you are.

Adding a few roadsigns to the north of the map wouldn´t hurt anyone :).


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Get lost on the northern part on the map

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dude, the map is not done yet. deal with it, early alpha

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Smaller villqges between olsha and petrovka? Not really. I mean there could be roadsigns showing the way to those villages. Very easy to accidently walk out of the map.
Sure it's not hard to avoid but having some signs out there wouldn't hurt anyone.

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Sure. it gets a bit harder there but it´s perfectly possible. There are enough little cities that make it possible to know where you are. Just make sure if you walk into one direction, to NOT change it ever!
I once thought i walked the same way just to find myself at the coastline again 3 hours later...

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there's no where up north for them to head to yet, and so no name to put on the sign