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Killed a character and he resurrected, still looking dead, and was able to attack.
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Whilst in Cherno, a sniper fired at my friend. I killed him and appeared to still have complete control over his body. He was moving throughout the building and then went to the hospital where my friend was shot, possibly trying to finish the job. After seeing clouds of smoke and hearing impact noises, I re-killed him.


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Kill a person, maybe with an M4? Happens randomly, and happened twice so far within 2 sessions.

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Oh my god, thank you for the good laugh. But yeah they should definitely fix it.

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The same thing happened to me once, only from the other side. I got shot unconscious(I had the black unconscious screen).I could see the screen of my girlfriend, where I saw that my char was able to move normally and fire rounds(I couldn´t hear those shots, heard em on my girlfriends laptop and actually saw myself shooting on it). But that was only 1 time of about 20 deaths