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Joining a server but can't take anything into hands, or interact with doors, corpses and anything else.
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I have had multiple times already, where i spawn in, but are not able to equip anything. Further more, i can't interact with anything in game, be it bodies, doors etc.

The worst of all, i can't see other people on the server, but they see me. Played with a friend just now. It happened, and i couldn't see him standing right next to me, but he could see me.


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Join different servers.

Try to equip/interact with stuff.

There really is no set way to reproduce this though, as it happens randomly. My internet is just fine, and it seems to happen more on some servers. Just had a server where i tried restarting the game, and after 3 times nothing helped. But playing on another server worked alright.

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Just had a server where this happened, and i tried restarting the game, and after 3 times nothing helped. But playing on another server worked alright.

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The exact thing you describe has been happening to me as well. In my case, I first noticed it around 12:10am GMT on January 8th 2014. I'd played for about half an hour earlier in the day too, at about 4pm on January 7th 2014, and the issue wasn't present then. Since the alpha was released I've never had this issue. I checked just now, and it's still happening.

I was playing with a friend both times and he told me that on his side I was constantly equipping and unequipping an item, and freely moving around the screen like I was regularly playing the game. On my screen he didn't move, except for sort of walking on the spot. On his side he was freely playing the game too.

I've also noticed that if I move or consume and item, and then log out and come back, once I spawn in that item will be moved or consumed, but for as long as I stay in a server it will appear in my inventory.

I've updated the game at every prompt, and I'm not running experimental updates. I've been joining full servers at the top of the browser list. It seems unlikely they're running the wrong versions.

I have suffered the same issue. Even when checking that server and game versions are not mismatched the issue prevails. Logging into another server can rectify the issue but on some occasions rejoining the server after a short period does work. However this does seem to be a big in client/server communication.

i have the same issue but for me all servers is just like this