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NEED Character status in realtime!!!! !!!
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how should i be able to tell anyone whats the problem with my character when i don't even know my stats!?

Stats in numbers i mean simple things like health, energy, water, sickness, poiseness, whatever.

plz give us a "debug" hud.
which should also contain of what i died from, not the exact player name i mean!
The part in the game which i would call "live can kill you" (sickness, hurting wounds and so on).


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Just play and wonder!

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PLZ respond!

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I agree ... but stop screaming, choose word as sugestions mate, you're aint a 4 years old screaming : im hungry mommy !!!!

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Hey sorry my english is screwd i am from germany.

But without stats i think i can't really help dean's team to figure out if its a bug or me.

The reason i am yelling for this hud is i had this blurry graphics while i was sick, so far so good. But now i am no more sick and the visions keep blurry while i look from while i look from the south over to the east. Its the long way around 270°. And you can put it right to the polaric orientation: east its blurry, north too and it ends near the southpole.
But i want you to know that i play with the Field of View (FoV) setting with the ingame menu.

Blurry vision happens to me a lot too. Just go settings and video settings, once you click it, it should be fixxed, you dont need to set up anything.

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no no no no nooooo. the blurryness indicates your HEALTH status. faded colors indicate your BLOOD level. you can be pretty full on blood but at the same time severely impacted on health. you should watch this for a more in-depth overview on how the system works: