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Random teleports while playing
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Ok, this has happened to me 3 times now, me and my friend were running north of novy sobor and after running for a while we both get teleported back around 2 kilometers back from where we came and after that happens we cant move or do any action! we cant even press the escape button to close the game so we have to kill the process by using ctrl+alt+del, this bug its getting really game breaking because you cant really advance freely and once it happens you gotta kill the client because the game will not respond anymore, my friend its not using the same connection or something like that so it cant be the internet or latency, it feels like the old hacks in the mod where everyone gets teleported somewhere in the map


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No real way to do it, but it has been happening to us since yesterday and it havent stoped, we cant even play actually, we just advance running and suddenly it happens

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I think its enough xD

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