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i loggede inside a server after 15 min it startede laggin like crazy everything stuck when i pressede tab my items wass one both side so i loggede off then i tryede loggin inside 0 people servers they kept saying cannot connect or it gave me black screen saying please wait and i hade 2 disconnect again finely after 6 trys i find a 0 person server but i find my guy restartede and its saying down in left corner we dont like people changing servers or somthing like that wtf guys ? so becos your servers dont work i gotta start over again becos u dont like people loggin inside finely got a gun after dying 10 times and now u whant me 2 start over again ??? and dont give me a answer thats a part of the game NO ITS NOT the part is me dying bye zombies or others players NOT THE creators of the games


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feel like never playing this game again rather go play gta 5 online even tho its a beta becos i know i did not die i just lost everything

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