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Glitch deaths...
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Too many times i have either gone up stairs to just die instantly, or i have fallin through the floor or walked through a wall to fall to my death, i know the game is in alpha but these are BIG game breakers that i think should be fixed ASAP, i dont mind losing my stuff from dying to another player, but to spend 8 hours looting just to fall through a building or pass through a wall and fall to my death, can really get under ones skin, another thing that should be fixed is losing a character and being forced to restart after logging into a server, zombies going through walls can be a bit anoying, but nothing tops dying from going through walls or falling through floors. again i know this game is in alpha which is why im throwing in my 2 cents, i just want to help polish this game as much as i can.


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im not entirely sure what causes these bugs but heres what i have noticed, when running in buildings, if the server spikes you can run through walls, gates, doors, and if you are walking next to stairs even floors. it gets a bit buggy when people walk to close in the same bulding with higher floors,your friends might even clip into you and push you out of walls and make you can fall to your death, the stairs in the tall buildings that show from cherno or balota can be tested to see how you fall through the floor,it has happened to me while going around the staircase while running/walking.

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after testing for 87 hours within a week i have made a decision to take a break until these major problems have been fixed, i just cant seem to be motivated about testing while losing my character to such bogus bugs,i know it is alpha but, even so it can be quiet upsetting, i have great expectations for this game, i have never had a game grip me like this in such a long time, i hope you and the team keep up the great work that you have been doing, i have high hopes that these bugs are fixed soon so i can once again continue to test for bugs and report on how to fix them, im pretty addicted i must say, as one of your fans of this great game, i hope you fix this soon, and not just for me. but all the players who enjoy your game just as much as i have. thank you for reading my long and boring post. i really hope this has helped and i apologies if it has been reported already.

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This sort of thing happened to me. I had all top gear with my sniper long scope, M4 with all the accessories, a ton of food, ton of ammo, all nice gear. I entered into an apartment complex to search for different clothes, as I set my m4 down to eat it disappeared. I checked all the floors underneath and as I came up to the last floor my character ran straight through the way and fell to his death. This is unacceptable even in alpha and should be fixed before anymore guns or anything else is added. You cannot expect people to continue to pay to be a game tester when these basic bugs have not been fixed. Until this IMPORTANT ISSUE is resolved I will not be logging in to play. If I cant enter a building without the fear of falling through a wall to my death. This has also happened to other people in my group and is very discouraging for us. Please spend more time on this issue as it is more important than adding new loot.

The collision issues are being addressed, this is a known issue they're working on, i've got around 200 hours played and i've only ever gone through 1 wall, just gotta be more careful boys

Just also had this issue, fully geared character after 10+ hours of playing, trying to pick something up in the second floor of a building with for sure no other players around and suddenly I am just isntantly dead. Even for an alpha, in a game with permadeath this needs to be fixed asap!

I tried to "be careful" again on the wrecked freighter ship and went right through the handrails and fell to my death again. This should be your guys main concern like I mentioned before. If we have to "be careful" whats the point of going into buildings that have more than one story? These buildings tend to have loot more so than one story buildings. Please make this a priority over adding more weapons and loot.

Oh yeah the shipwreck is a hotbed of glitches given the amount of ladders and stairs in there. I've been through a couple times and I've seen people go tumbling to their doom off the top rail.

I thought maybe this could help reproducing th ebug or something, there exist several videos and reports on this problem:

Just to mention some that are easily found with Google. They all have in common that they always die on at least the second floor of a building ...