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No loot spawning at crashed helicopter next to Willow Lake
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As far as I was aware there is supposed to be loot found at the crashed Russian helicopter next to Willow Lake, just west of the shipwreck.

Every server I have checked there is no loot at all.


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no they are meant to spawn loot same as trucks. i think the problem is true with all wreck spawns

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it's not like the mod where copters go down in flames with zombies and loot around. those are weathered looking decorations, p sure they aren't supposed to spawn anything.

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Theres also another helicopter crash just south of Novy Sobor and Stary Sobor. In a new destroyed town or ruins called "Komuna"

That one doesn't spawn any loot either. I believe they are supposed to.

Can confirm at Willow Lake, there is no loot. Very unlikely it had been looted each time, as it's in such a remote location.

The one in the swamp by Komarovo isn't spawning anything either last time I checked.