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I get unplayable desync problems.
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I get desync to 100k, making everybody stand still or move silly - while other people still can see me moving normally. I cant interact with anything in my inventory too.


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When near other players

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I have tried to reinstall the game, validating the game files (steam), searched for answer on forums, but onley solution so far is:
Run away from other people, and the Desync problem goes away, untill i get near people again.

I got a good computer and a 100/100 mb internet, and i have tried to plug my internet cable directly to the wall.

I did NOT have this problem before 1-2 days ago

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i was have the same problem for more 5 days and search on internet and final thing that i have see and after search its antivirus programs issue in my PC so I disable all antivirus programs in my PC and also disable Windows Defender and then every thing looking OK

One of my friends had this problem tonight for the first time. logged in to play together and withing 5 minutes of playing his desync would spike to 100k and he could not interact with the world. We tried changing to different servers, he reset his router, restarted his computer and still nothing..... makes me a sad panda :(

I have the same problem too. Doesn't matter what server. Can't vault, open doors, climb ladders, put anything into hands etc. basically everything server side.

Sometimes I can even get killed while I am in this state and just end up on the coast as a new spawn wondering what happened.

Totally gamebreaking at this point

fr3nchy added a subscriber: fr3nchy.May 8 2016, 4:12 PM

I have the same problem, but may have found a cause. One night, low occupancy server, i come accros a guy, alone, and decide to help him to his quest. Everything goes well, we end up meeting one of his friend, good times! Later on he asks me if he can add me as a friend of steam, i add them both.
And then the nightmare begins !
10000 desync, me not able to see them, or i see them running on one spot, doors. It opening, all that while they are close to me.
I had the same problem the next day with 2 clanmates, and had to delete them from my steam friend list.
THIS SHOULD BE A PRIORITY TO FIX, as survival is about teamwork, but this game doesn't let us play as a team right now

I have had same issue on last build was not able to equip any items to my hands or pick things up or move them in my inventory or even open doors but noticed if I left then joined a different server the items I had picked up or moved in my inventory were there or moved to where I put them, but was still unable to put items in my hand, I was even waiting in a building to have some fun with someone when I suddenly died from something I couldn't see, then I heard someone looting my cold dead body lol (I would of said I was snipered but I was not in a shootable position from a sniper, was looking down at stairs so player would of had to walk in front of me and around me.) To me it was a major desync issue.

But since new stable build 114926 this issue seems fixed to me as I have not come across this issue again, all items are placed in hands and can be used and all doors open and people are visible again.

If I come across this issue again will add another note

Same problem here. ping 20ms, desync 100.000.
Can`t play. Have been killed several times because of bandits who came from nowere.

Avskum added a subscriber: Avskum.May 8 2016, 4:12 PM

I get this as well, always happens when around other players. Doesn't seem to happen to any of my friends though.

Vomact added a subscriber: Vomact.May 8 2016, 4:12 PM

Same here, happens during evenings, when i'm close to other players.

Seems to have started with the latest BattleEye patch.

Same here. My squadmates also have this problem. It started like 2 or 3 days ago.

Komalt added a subscriber: Komalt.May 8 2016, 4:12 PM

This is a major issue. This doesn't seem to happen to all players but does to many. Even if the guy has a good internet connection they still experience this problem. The game is unplayable as the player sees something completely different from everyone else and they are desynced 90% of the time. This is a severe issue that needs fixing ASAP

I don't have this problem but one of the people I play with gets this issue constantly. As of the latest patches it is constant rather than coming and going. Game is now unplayable due to this issue.