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Mosin Nagant accuracy
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This weapon - as tests show - can shoot up to 900 meters pretty accurate. With the long range scope on pristine this should be a reliable weapon. Unfortunately as I tested the Mosin has very large differences in the game. On 600 meters it already starts going on the left very hard and makes aiming at longer distances a pain.
Either the condition of the weapons I tested always was bad or its not working the right way yet. But I think this weapon needs a lot of adjustments to correspond to the real weapon.


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I have observed Pristine Mosins shooting left, and Pristine Mosins shooting centered. It seems to be random, and gun-specific. If you drop a left-shooting Mosin for another, it may shoot left or it may not, and it will stay that way regardless of quality.

I don't know if it's a hidden stat causing some Mosins to shoot left or if it's an unintended bug.

Either way, it would be nice to have a windage adjustment to go along with the already-implimented elevation adjustment. This way we can correct for an individual gun/scope/bipod combo.

I'm convinced that weapons have condition like the weapon accessories, but the game is bugged and we can't see them. I've had several Mosins now - all picked up from their spawn locations.

Some are deadly accurate with the pristine bipod+long range scope, and others shoot to the left. I was shooting just now at 300-400 meters and it was hitting left every time.

I think the weapons are working as intended, however we're not seeing their condition.

Okay, thanks for the replies, so it seems I just picked very bad Mosins then.

Seems then the "bug report" rather should be concerning the missing weapon condition, not the game mechanic.

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My Mosins always fire about 10cm to the left on a distance of 500m. Even if I die and get a complete new one

I don't know that much about weapons, but I would assume that most Mosins have a slight tendency for some direction, because they're so old. (An expert would have to comment on this)

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confirmed, same. even when holding my breath before shooting, bi-pod deployed, pristine condition scope and weapon and bi-pod - doesn't help much.

dawud added a comment.Jan 24 2014, 7:46 PM

confirmed ..
even at 300m, it allways tends more and more to the left