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Ladder Slingshot!
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I was trying to get off the roof of one of them 4 story buildings, the one with the room full of 6 machines and another room full of red chairs right by the front entrance. I was on the roof and I tried to click the ladder to climb down but my character slingshot over the ladder and fell to the ground. As soon as I hit the ground my character then appeared on the ladder and within a split second I got the 'You are dead' screen. I tried to replicate it but was unable to. I think it may have to do with running or sprinting, but I'm not too sure.


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Please refer to the primary ladder thread at #155

This Has Happened to me as well Twice!! But however the second time was me replicating it. Step 1.)Get on top of the roof of Any Building.

                Step 2.)Go Crouch or hit "X" if u use the default keys
                Step 3.)Get near the ladder to get the option to Climb down ladder
                Step 4.)Hit "F" to Climb down ladder

Then your ladder will become a Human Launching Slingshot. You will hit the ground or roof below then it will teleport you back on to the ladder like nothing happened, then 2sec later go to Black screen saying "You Are Dead"

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Can confirm that this big still happens.

  1. Crouching on top of radio tower at northwest airfield
  2. Pulled out SKS and proceeded to climb down ladder.
  3. Animation plays for grabbing onto ladder and I am instantly slingshotted about 40 feet in front of the tower resulting in death.

Don't know if this can be reproduced every time, but it worked for me at least.

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This has happened to me and I was able to replicate it using the procedure the previous reporter described. I've had a similar issue when traversing rock formations near the train track between Elektra and Cherno but I haven't been able to replicate that glitch.

Happened to me today on top of the controll tower on the north-ouest airfeild.

My Character was really on top of the ladder, looking at my feet, clicked the ladder and BOOM slingshot to the ground, then quick screen to the ladder and then "you are dead".

I usually click ladders from 1-2 feet away. This time is was right on top. Can be the issue ?