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Spawning on East coast only - not a bit harsh while in alpha?
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I don't know about you guys but so far my character has been:
-reset 3 times (due to some database issue)
-ejected 50ft from a ladder twice
-lagged through the wall of a 3 story building

Each time, needless to say, I was put right back on the beach. Absolutely fine, the game is in Alpha...

But. Why god why, why between Elektro and Solnichniy every time, when all the loot/fun is on the opposite side of the map?

Until all the features of the game are implemented there is nothing else to do than go to the West, get guns, kill innocent hitchhikers. But when the game decides you've been having too much fun and it's time to die, not only does it take all your stuff but it puts you as far away from getting new stuff as possible. It's like getting kicked in the teeth everytime.

I've respawned 20+ times in a row and every single time it's been on the east coast (same for all my mates). That's absolutely fine when the game has all its features implemented; I mean I LOVE how harsh DayZ is, that's what makes it so fun, but as it stands right now the only fun to be had is on the West coast, there is zero on the East coast. Having to walk back every time just because the game decided to kill you off for no good reason is just horrible.

Even spawning just West of Elektro would seem far less sadistic than the arse end of nowhere!

// I just want to reiterate, I'm not commenting on the spawns for the final game, just while the alpha is so buggy and gear keeps getting lost/reset so frequently.


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for (i=0; i<20; i++)
Step 1 - Get cool gear;
Step 2 - Lose cool gear;
Step 3 - Run for 30min;

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The new Spawnpoints make me unhappy too. why dont you combine the new and old spawnpoints?

No matter where anyone spawns they want to run to the only direction that has cities with people in them. THAT IS ELECTRO. I've only ever spawned East of Electro and it's only a matter of how long it will take me to get there no matter where I spawn.

The spawn points right now are shit. The game is far less fun because of it.