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Grey "Near-Death" Vision [Screen Remains]
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When eating and saving yourself from starvation the Grey Vision still appears on screen even when your character is fine. When going back to the main menu the Grey Vision still appears. {F29575} {F29576} {F29577}


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Go near-death, heal yourself (eating, drinking, bandaging, morphine...), Grey Vision will appear.

Go to main menu, it will still appear.

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Now when I keep going in game it is still there. The Grey Vision won't appear when I first go to the main menu but when I enter a game and go back to the main menu it will appear.

Cannot be solved by entering and exiting the whole game, it still remains.

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This is because you need to Eat/Drink until your body has the nutrients to begin regaining blood.

This video does a great job in explaining the mechanics behind naturally restoring blood and reverting your view back to normal.

Try this method and let us know if it (eventually) works.

Exactly what the above said. You're low on blood and health.

You need to get your energy level (eating) up to +5000 and water level to +3500 for quick blood regain. This is most easily done by eating two full packs of rice once the "hungry" icon is gone and spamming "drink water" from a well until you get a "my stomach is full/stuffed/etc" message.

Wait a while and don't go running around and your color should come back. After this happens, you'll get a "healing" message in your inventory screen. If this message disappears, eat and drink till it returns. Eventually, blurriness will go away and you will have a "healthy" message in inventory.