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Screen slowly loses color then suddenly snaps back to full saturation (not due to blood loss)
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I notice it predominantly when i'm running through the forest due to the amount of color. As I am running, the game's color gradually loses saturation (not sure if that's the right term, but the colors get less vibrant kind of like with minimal blood loss), then all of a sudden full color appears again. At first i thought it may be due to cloud cover but it happens on a sunny day too. This can occur as much as every 30 seconds while running. The most noticeable part is the re-saturation because it occurs instantly.


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This can be reproduced on my computer while running across the map and I think it occur while walking as well. Not while just standing there though. This happens even after a fresh spawn with full blood.

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I am running an AMD Radeon 6870 with the latest stable drivers. 1920x1080. Vsync off. All high settings for textures and quality. Low AA. Alpha to coverage All trees +grass. low HDR. Disabled ambient occlusion and postprocess quality.

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I BELIEVE that this is caused by stamina loss, I've noticed that color saturation returns if you stop running. It's annoying either way, it should only be caused by blood loss in my opinion.

yes, looks like stanima loss
for now with unlimited run it just changes color back and forth

It's not the color loss that is the issue. The change from a washed out color to the fully saturated color is instant and very noticeable right when the color comes back. If the color loss is in fact due to running fatigue, then it shouldn't switch back and forth while in a constant run, and make it a gradual change back to saturation when you catch your breath, not right when the invisible fatigue meter refills. Its just a minor graphics glitch so its not game breaking, but it is something they should look into in the future.