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Filling syringes creates infinite syringes.
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I filled a syringe earlier when I realized that I had a new, filled syringe while I still had the old, empty one. I feel I could stock a hospital.

You can see the four syringes that I produced in the lower-right of my inventory. The empty one that I used is still in the first aid kit. {F29574}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Put first aid kit on the ground
  • Drag the syringe onto the container or vice-versa; it works either way
  • You will get a filled syringe in your inventory and an empty one in the first aid kit

I don't know if the syringe has to be in the first aid kit for it to happen; I only tried that way

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can confirm

I feel this should definitely be looked into, as there could be other, more valuable items that could be similarly duplicated.

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report 333 only states about the injection vial being used and it not going below 100%, nothing about using 1 empty syringe to create hundreds of filled syringes

Duplicate of #0000333

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We all profit from that :-)


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Closing this as duplicate of #333: Syringe Duplication?

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