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Constant character resets making the game unplayable
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I’m getting constant character resets, and its now the sole way that i 'die' in game and am forced to restart. This does not happen with every server, but sooner or later it always gets me. The last 6 times in a row my game finished because of this bug. I’m aware its alpha (paid for though remember), i think such major bugs really need to be a top priority as its going to sour your player base, myself included.

In-game functionality, aesthetics, small bugs and glitches, breadth of items and gear, landscape and details, story and setting - sure all of these can be far from finished in an alpha, which is fine. But a consistent bug that totally breaks your game without warning is not on. The prime directive is of survival, which this bug ruins completely, undermining the whole gaming experience in a fundamental way.


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Join servers, and you experience it sooner or later.

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On a separate issue i experience quite bad lag and yellow chain on many servers, which results in me taking quite a while to find one that works and is playable for me. At the same time theres a constant threat of total character loss as i try additional servers. Its infuriating!

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Most of the time I lose my gear not by dying, but through character wipe. It wouldn't be so bad, but it's way too often for me. And most annoying thing is not loosing the gear, but appearing in the middle of nowhere and having to run for hour to get to some decent loot place.

Never had this problem before outside the one time it was a game-wide wipe back a few updates ago.

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Someone told me this happens if your server looses the connection to the master server while you log out. When logging in again you overwrite your char with a fresh one and the old one is lost.
So more often you switch servers, the higher the chance is that you get such an issue... don´t know if completely true but maybe this can help you(only lost 1 char till now and I switched a lot of servers(no loot) with it when this happened).

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agreed. Never enough reporting on this topic until it goes away. I randomly got a "You are dead" after 20 minutes of playing. No afflictions, no other players in the vicinity, just dead.

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I have the same problem, and Mr Jizz i have the same as you i was playing with a friend we were SO FINE ! ( m4, bullets, round box, summer case, camo gear, EVERYTHING NEEDED ) and he died randomly ( no gunshot, no zombie, he wasn't sick, etc.. ) and i had the same 20 min later...

As the person who made this topic said very well : "I’m aware its alpha (paid for though remember), i think such major bugs really need to be a top priority as its going to sour your player base, myself included."

THis is the Major problem i accept zombies wallhacker, little problem with inventory who just need a quick dc to solve, random sounds, but this is wayyyyyy to horrible to keep playing.

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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78