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SUGGESTION: Context sensitive vault key
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Vault key should be context sensitive and the player should:

a) perform a jump if moving

b) vault over something if standing still

c) climb onto something that isnt to high(climbing onto cars or roofs of garden sheds)

d) running into a wall and jumping would cause blood loss/broken bones(legs, arms) if the obstacle is of a certain height

Bonus: kick down doors/running into a door and pressing vault at the right time(also may cause blood loss or broken bones)


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I am posting this here because I can not do it on the forums. And since I bought the alpha so I can be a part of the development cycle like the store page said I have created this Report. And I am prety sure this wont be a problem for the developers since moders already made something like this for ARMA 2. And DayZ already made close to the amount of money Star Citizen made but in less than a month by selling on Early Access.

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