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Servers lag much more than before last patch
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Since installing the current patch 0.30.113953 it seems to me the servers either lost performance or the client did. It is near to be unplayable on my handfull of favorite servers which have proven to be relatively reliable and playable considering its an alpha :-)

compared to the weeks since christmas it got MUCH worse. character jumps from one place to another its literally stopping every couple of miliseconds. Its kind of a slideshow where i could play on maximum settings smoothly before. Inventory seems to work fine, its smooth and changes status of items relatively fast now, but walking, turning, looking, shooting even zombies are a pain. I need to avoid cities now since most of them glitch and bug their way to me before i can shoot them. And its not just me. I tried it on another computer, same result, my friends in TS also report the same issue. I also tried random servers with low and high people count...same result.


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yep no problems util the latest patch... now its almost unplayable. I think that causes the falling out of buildings and die bug cause your character desyncs so much that the server things you ran trough the wall. It also somtimes moves me trough buildings and stuff or just teleports u 1-200 meter away.

Yes indeed, my friends and me have seen this too.. Really too much desynch.

I think the addition of Battleye into all of the servers may have a hand in this, hopefully it gets fixed soon. :/