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Clipping trough walls and fall to death
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This just happend to me when i was almost at the nw airfield to loot for weapons i want to loot a house so i went up the stairs had a bit of lagg and clipped trough the wall fell of the 1st storey and instantly died ===THE 1ST STOREY!!=== i thought from that height i would break a legg or something but no just insta death 10 hours of looting hiding running crawling trough shit for nothing...

Its stupid enough zombies can just like use noclip and chase you trough buildings fences or any other obstacle..This is the last time i go up on ANY stairs in the game just to prevent a random unavoidable insta death.

I didnt post this to complain i posted this to help the developpers fixing the game cause bugs like this are realy ruining the whole experience (atleast for me) and realy need to be fixed.


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happened a more than a few times to me and the friends a i play with

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4 times for me 2 times for my friend, also all server run pretty bad since the last update.