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Rubber Banding/Teleporting/no clipping worse since latest patch
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continually, i will be running and rubber band back and forth, i get clipped out of buildings sometimes 50-100 metres away from the building i was looting, clipping through buildings {F29523}


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Just log into a server and test this for yourself, it seems you guys haven't properly tested the latest patch of 0.30.113953

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Yeah, unplayable because of this.

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Although some rubber banding has occurred for me it is a lot less than the last patch. If it sounds bitchy and negative it's because it is. We are here to help them and write bug reports explaining the conditions of the problem. There is no need to add any other info and certainly not accusing people of not doing their job.

it does come across bitchy, i enjoy the game, but, if it says fixed, and not only me are getting issues with it, then they haven't tried out to see if there are any changes

tbh if i say they havent really tested it, that isnt that bad, its pointing out the obvious

Confirming that. I haven't seen those lags on previous versions. My ping can be 10-50 but lags are even in open field. Moreover sometimes it doesn't allow me to aim propertly.

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yeah, i cant go back on till that gets fixed, me and 2 friends lost allot of stuff more than once because of it

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yep same here

im au player as well man, i followed the same path, i played for about 10 minutes, after getting shot numerous times, got a good spawn and just teleported through buildings

Confirming this.

Having this way to much game is currently not testable like this. Basically the server think your standing some where else then yo actually see it. So in other words its a desync but no desync symbol is being showed! Need to be fixed asap

Might be because of Battleye, but it is awful and nearly unplayable now.

I was approaching a dock, got ruberbanded what basically all the way back to another town I had just passed. Ended up frozen in the road unable to move or pause the game. Had to end the program and start back up. I also fly in and out of buildings a lot. Much worse than before.