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Random Death
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~ Random Deaths. Happens often. Happened 5 times today alone. It may be tied to the rubber band issue/teleporting issue/loss control issue.

~ Seems to be 100% random.

~ My friend also has the same issue (Maddroxx). He seems to not have it as frequently.

~ Mainly happens in "height". 2nd/3rd floor areas.


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Areas we had the effect:

~ 2nd Floor NE Air Tower standing in doorway between desk and cabinet.

~ 3rd Floor Industry Buildings (construction in cherno and NE ).

~ Roof of Hospitals (tested electro, cherno, and berenzino) all had same effect when standing in corners on upper roof platform.

As mentioned above, this may be in conjunction with the rubber banding issues, but it was instant. No movement, no free look with ALT, just random instant death. We went back a few times when spawned near those death areas, and found our bodies meters away from the building with all items ruined as if we fell.

Additional Information

It has become more frequent since the latest patch(update), and so has the rubber banding effects and teleportation/loss of control issues.

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~ random death, second floor NE airfield control tower. Standing at top of stairwell on the second floor, died instantly while arranging gear.

~ Went back to find body about 10 meters outside the window from the second floor, all items destroyed, nothing missing, as if he had fallen.