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BattleEye Kicking Problems
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I was playing dayz in all all servers since today. My dayz started to crash everytime i get in to a server.

İf i join a server, affter a few seconds it says "battleye client not responding" and kicks me outta server.

I searched and used all the solutions in other forums and support guides.

Tried to open ports, re-install game, update battleeye from its website, i cannot change mt multiplex thing in my modem because there is no such thing in mine.

when i delete, i deleted from appdata things. Everything was clean.

There was no problem since this morning and i cannot play it anymore. {F29514}


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Game Crash
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Join a server.

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Anyone having this problem? I am talking with the battle eye support right now.

Same issue, can't play the game at all, nothing helps.

Delete the battle eye folder in the dayz folder and verify steam files. Corrupt files are the main cause for this.

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Battleeye:client not responding is my problem.This problem come from huawei hg253 modem in connected ethernet.If i connect with wireless not have this problem.This problem same as dayz mod.I try all solutions in internet.Please fix that.