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"Reloading" sound upon joining server. (only with weapon)
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Characters who are logging in make a "reloading" sound as they join the server. Not sure if this is intentional, but when combined with

a. your inability to control your character during this period
b. zombies can aggro onto you
c. no warnings for server restarting
d. other players possibly being in the area

It can often lead to death/damage/discomfort.


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Log in to a server.

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I get this too. It sounds like every gun on my person reloads itself at the same time.

yepp this is a problem, especially that we log in without the weapon readied and the server often takes 5 to 20sec to let you equip it..

I lost a fully geared character because of this. I had logged out in a tent on the west end of Balota airfield (i know better now) as soon as I started to load I could see the guy standing n front of me but i couldn't do anything. I knew I was screwed and sure enough without so much as a word the guy turned and killed me. lost an M4 with an acog, an s7 with silencer, 3 sealed cases, ammo crate, med kit, tons of ammo etc.. I hope they fix this. Coupled with the fact that you can walk off a 1 foot high porch and die and lose all your gear this would contribute to game breaking factors that would make me not play.

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very annoying bug, I confirm this in 0.35

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I think its good and they should keep this sound.

In Mod people could ghost to another server and log in behind you again without you having a chance to notice it.

Now you hear if this happens.
To me it's a feature, not a bug.

Just log out/in somewhere safe and you won't have a problem at all.

Log out somewhere safe and problem solved.

Personally I think this is intentional to stop people logging in and out of Servers in areas with good loot with great risk to themselves.

look at my suggestion for a new spawning system #9069