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Became unconscious after being hit a single time with a pipe wrench.
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After being hit a single time with a pipe wrench my char went unconscious and I can't seem to find this balanced at all since unconsciousness in this condition means certain death.

The player was right in front of me (we were both fresh spawns) and even though I had a clear advantage for having a firefighter axe I couldn't even draw the weapon to have a chance of fighting back. It would be much worse if I was fully geared and had lost hours of scavenging because someone hit me a single time with a weapon he found after playing for 3 minutes.

Realistically, I understand that being hit by a pipe wrench in the head will probably make you unconscious but for gameplay's sake this shouldn't happen and in the worst case our chars should get knocked out just like it happens already when we are punched in the head. Another idea would be preventing a weapon from making another player unconscious unless he is crouched or is hit from behind.


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Equip a blunt weapon (preferably stronger ones like the baseball bat and pipe wrench) and hit the head of another player. If you are lucky you will make him unconscious with a single attack.

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This seems like the intended mechanic. If you were hit in the head with a pipe wrench, you'd likely go down, right? I think it's right on, but that's my opinion.

@Fastburn: OP here (I didn't realize I posted as guest before). While I agree in parts with you, I think there should be a mid point between realism and gameplay balancing.

If a player managed to knock you down, steal your rifle and kill you, he probably deserved all the items he looted from your corpse since he was fast enough to accomplish that. This is totally different from a player that was lucky to make you go unconscious with a single attack since he doesn't have to be fast enough to steal the rifle while you are down since you won't stand up anyway while you are unconscious.