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Tried to desinfect my friend's wounds, but gave it to myself. Item = Alcohol Tincture.. Additionaly getting sick from using it.
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Tried to disinfect the wounds of an other player with alcohol tincture.
i used the option "apply tincture" and the message in the left bottom appeared which said i successfully applied the tincture to my buddy.
The effect: the game gave the disinfectant instead of my friend to myself. Additionaly! Cleaning of wounds make the char sick till the green "looks cleaner" message appears.

Hope this could help! great work! go on!


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Are you sure you used the scroll wheel to select the right option, and not "Drink"?

I already reported the fact that using item: alcohol tincture when healthy induces temporary sickness. 0004513, can confirm.

Cleaning wounds with alcohol or taking antibiotics will get you the 3rd stage of sickness which is normal. It will cease the effect in a few min and you will be healthy again.

P.S: Because you can't take anti-biotics out of nothing, the cleaning wounds however shouldn't be threatening.

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This bug here is different from 0004513. Because your character becomes sick when you "Apply tincture" to someone else.

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