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Game crashes to windows but sound is still playing and app is running. Only video is gone. Must restart game.
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It is happening a lot more often after the last patches came out. No matter the situation in game (running,looting,shooting,etc..) game crashes to windows. But sound from game is still playing and character is still in-game as the game is still running. And i cannot "Alt-Tab" back to game even tho the application is responding. Only thing i can see is windows desktop. Only thing that helps is to manually close DayZ in task manager. Sometimes the problem occurs every 6 minutes or so. No error message pops up. Already reinstalled DayZ. Nothing helped.


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It was not happening at the release of DayZ. Now its happening very often. Just playing normally and BAM into the desktop no error or anything just the video feed from the game is gone and replaced by the windows desktop. And game is still running and responding. Only thing that remains is to restart game.

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And also i should include DxDiag + "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\" in case it may help to locate and fix the issue.

Here is link:

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I just set all my video setting to low and didnt experienced the problem yet. So maybe its somehow connected to video settings. To be more precise i think i changed AntiAliasing ,PostProcess ,Trees&Grass and Texture Quality.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

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