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pushing from server lagg or hacking?
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Pushing when me and a friend gets to curtain parts of the map, i am not sure if intentional/hacker or server problems but it sure felt like someone playing with us.

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This might be a long explanation

Ok so i have had some of this happen on about 4 servers over the past couple days and i'm unsure of what exactly it is, but when i'm running i'm sometimes being veered off course at times like an invisible wall is in front of me, i don't think its a server issue but i could be wrong, the only reason im bringing it up is because of this phenomenon happening just now,

A friend of mine was just killed at an airfield by this push, launching him out the wall of the control tower and killing him, i was about 10 meters away from him and experienced a U turn i couldn't stop, forcing me away from my friends body? maybe.

Well the last thing that made it weird was that my friend coming back to the area to get his gear off me so i could go off, my friend gets back to the watch tower we hear gun shots he and gets flung back out of the tower with me experiencing this same push.

I just want to know if its a UI bug or hackers with some sort of discombobulator hack, its only been this bad in the server i was in just now.

But i sure as hell know that there was definitely someone watching the whole time for someone to get to that control tower.

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i recognized this movmentglitches since the last update. i'm running/standing and suddenly i'm pushed in another direction. the problem - i'm glitching through walls. if i'm standing in a house and looting, i'm pushed out of this house and standing in the next factory -.-

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i just got it again now, and the funniest thing is, it is a hacker, i dont know if there's combat logs but there's a some guys running around with a magnum killing people at the north eastern airstrip on the same server i posted about, he made me spin 8 times so i couldn't get him then made himself immune to my handgun and magnum bullets, i killed him the first time when he was with his friend but he came back almost instantly and killed me and my other 2 friends and lagged out the server, i hope this gets fixed, its not fun at all.

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They call it "Rubberbanding" player position. it's a known bug, not a hacker. and they are working on it.

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Nothun i can understand the rubberbanding on my friends behalf and if i was being sent back, but to do 8 rotations on the spot and U turns as if im controlling my char? i have never experienced anything like this in the alpha and ive been playing since 24th of dec, i don't want to say its hackers but they are in the game and what i experienced was too weird to be a one off.

sorry but the bug report wasn't meant to be for being sent back to a position, it was for altering my movements so i weren't getting to my destination.

Yes, same for me. I stop running after a bit and I get moved through buildings, doors, walls everything!