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Moon not in game anymore!!
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Please look up in the sky of night servers

See moon , I wonder why it is the way to go for the gamma fix
not very good fix , more like "broken" than what it was


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look up
look around = no light
no illumination of surrounding areas

only happens in night

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After last fix on 2014.01.05

And stop deleting file please

Please comment

Trolls too :)

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I've been playing all this days since february 7 and during night I can see the moon. Furthermore, and i'm not sure if I'm crazy or something but I have even seen that the moon phases are the same as in realtime at least for me. Now as I understand we are nearing full moon so it may be a glitch that the moon is in the new moon phase at this time. Not quite sure, just wanted to state that I believe it may have to do with moon phases in the game if there are any.

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there is a moon if you de-/activate your clouds. on some servers - moon with clouds, on others - moon without clouds