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Loaded .357 Magnum will not fire
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6 .357 rounds were successfully loaded into a .357 Magnum revolver and 6 shot we're successfully fired. The weapon was then reloaded with 6 additional .357 rounds. Upon pulling the trigger no shots were fired, and an empty chamber sound effect was heard. Attempting to load another 6 rounds resulted in an indicator stating the magnum was full. A third attempt to fire resulted in no success. Problem was alleviated by logging into a different server.


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I made several attempts to reproduce but I was unable to.

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Had the same issue, different servers didn't help, had to dump the gun. My buddy couldnt get it to fire either.

Had this issue, as well I can't remember exactly how I fixed it but it was either forcing a reload with a speed loader, dropping it while it was in a pair of pant's, but one of those things corrected it.