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Killed by a hacker
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I was killed by a person who was invisible and I had full gear to include vest, M4A1, 2 pistols, 3 canteens, several food items and just about everything else you would need to survive to include all of the essential medical supplies. Is there any way in God's green earth that I can get my gear back? I tried to leave the game and come back in hoping the latency would cancell my death but to no avail. This is extremely frustrating..


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And you are not even better if you combat log!!! If this story is true, but I doubt it

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This is not what this feedback is for. You report glitches or suggest things to be added.

You want to have it back? Can you prove that you had it?

If yes, I'm sorry for you. It makes me sad that there are hackers in this game now :/
Use the chance and play again - happens. That's better then vein full-equipped and hunting players (what else to do at the moment?)

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This is not a bug.

The game is currently in alpha, things will break, you will lose gear multiple times and you will die for silly reasons - if you are getting attached to your items you're really playing the wrong game.