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Clipping/teleporting through floors/walls
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I was playing and was at the airport i was in the air tower walking down stairs. suddenly i get a black screen "you are dead". My friend told me he saw me jump of the building.

Further investigation also shows that sometimes can stand in front of zombie without him noticing you and after walking 50 m further he could suddenly start following you this once again confirms movement lag.

Even further testing i died again when i was in building but only this time it appeared the building disappeared when i pressed ESC so basicly i just clipped through the whole building i fell to dead.

Basically the server thinks you're at another location than you are seeing. But even stranger the desync symbol is not showing even once on my screen when this happens.


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Steps To Reproduce

Walk around the airtower when you are online and keep walking. Then walk downstairs and if you're unlucky you will get glitched and randomly die as if you would have walked of the air tower. Basicly i was walking to the first floor and i was teleported to the ground floor to the door.

Go on laggy server stand in front of zombie for 10 seconds if does not follow you have movement lag.

Go in allot of high building the whole time and you will eventually just fall through for example in Elektrozavodsk

Additional Information

I had this 3 times in a row in another building to. I currently don't want to keep testing as long as this bug is present. I think this is based on server lag. Maybe a more client side system and engine that would check if these movements are legit to prevent speed hacks would be much better.

The movement system should be more client side then server side the only thing the server should do is check if movement is legit to prevent speedhacking.

Apparently the server doesn't even have to lag to encounter this problem. If fell through the floor on a third floor apartment pressing ESC just showed the buildings near it but the building i was in was invisible. This bug is getting Urgent!

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Updated with some other tests i did ingame.

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hapend to me 4 times 2 times in the jail 2 times in the air control tower. my friend had it 2 times too. naver had that problem before the new patch.

Updated once again. this time i just fell through the floor and when i pressed esc i was able to see where i was and apparently i was on the ground where the building was and the building was invisible.

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