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Glitching through walls , falling down and dying.
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In some buildings with many floors (hospitals,the wrecked ship,factories,etc...) you sometimes glitch through the wall that is separating the building from the ground , fall out of the building and die.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Get in a building with many floors.
  • Try to run towards one of the walls on the edge of the building.
  • Get teleported through it , fall and die.
Additional Information

I have played 5 characters in the DayZ standalone. All five had good gear , assault rifles , ammo , etc... , and then I went in a building , fell through the roof and died. ON ALL 5 OF THEM ! Very annoying , don't think I'm gonna play again until it gets fixed.

At least remove the falling damage please. Until you find a fix , cause I'm getting sick of getting killed by teleportation. Last time I fell from like 7meters and died. Now I doubt somebody will die in real-life from 7 meters , so at least don't make it so punishable.

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I even got pushed out of one of the apartments.