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.357 Round improperly named and model error
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.357 Round is improperly named. Should be .357 Magnum Round. The .357 Magnum cartridge is essentially a lengthened .38 Special cartridge used in magnum revolvers. The term "Magnum" is used to distinguish when an existing cartridge has been extended to hold more gunpowder to increase bullet penetration and stopping power. Currently is named just .357 Round but is in fact actually a .357 Magnum Round determined by its length and diameter.

Edit: I also noticed that the model show that the primer has been struck which means the bullet has been fired. But these are suppose to be unused rounds. {F29493}


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inspect .357 Round.

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To append this; the 7.62 ammo currently in the game should be labeled 7.62x54mm for use in the Mosin, and is distinct from and incompatible with 7.62x39mm for the AK47 or 7.62x51mm (aka .308 Win) for many NATO battle rifles like the G3, SLR, etc and bolt action sniper rifles like the M40 or Remington 700.