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[suggestion] Butanecanister explosions
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The butane canisters should empty themsleves under pressure when shot at
i even would recomend adding a 25% chance of explosion


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shot various explosives

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Sounds like a good idea, if it is shot the gas should be lowered to 0%

Would like to see more destructible environment in general, this for sure.

Nice point Falloutperson416, the point shouldn't just be one item, but a generally more destructible environment

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I disagree with having a raw item explode when shot; I would however like to see canisters be craftable for such a use. Something along the lines of: ducktaping a lighter to the canister and having the option of arming it once placed.

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Sorry, I voted down just because of "25% chance of explosion" suggested (not realistic : )
Butane autoignition temperature >287°C