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Die upon login with no cause
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This has happened about 5 times in 7 hours. I login, only to be met with "You are dead". If I logout and log back in, I spawn on the shore with nothing.

I do not know the pattern, but lag is not believed to be the cause. It will happen even if I run to a secluded area in a forest or in an empty room in an apartment complex on the top floor. It has happened on servers with fewer than 5 people, making the likelihood of death by player extremely low.

I only play on servers where my ping is very low. Usually below 40.

I KNOW I did not die upon logOUT, because my character on the main menu will be all decked out. It's only upon logIN where I receive the "you are dead" message. If I logout then, then my main menu character preview will have nothing but the starter clothes.


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I have not seen a pattern as to why this happens. It will happen seemingly randomly. I may logout and log back in one moment and be fine, and do the same exact thing a couple seconds later and be dead.

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Happened to me today in the newly stable version.
I logged in after a server restart to find my character where I left him but couldn't interact with anything (door, water well) so I thought "laggy" when suddenly my screen went black and I got "you are dead" for no apparent reason.
Note: It said: "My leg is in pain" the instant I died.