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Random You are Dead
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It has happened to me a couple of times now seems to happen when I go up atleast one floor and then down again as soon as I walk out of door it just goes black screen and message You are dead . This has happened to me about 5 times now in last 2 days and once to my friend. Mostly happens after exiting out of multi story buildings


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I walk in to any multi story building most recent was at airstrip. When you go up stairs and then down as you walk out by same door you entered it says you are dead.

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confirmed although I run windows 7 not 8. it has happened to my group about 20 times now in any multi-story building. although it can happen just walking down the hall it glitches the position to being right outside the wall and you are dead

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It happened to me once, when I walked down from stairs.

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I confirm, happened to me once when I was just walking up the stairs and when I reached the top, I died. Not sure if it was exhaustion + high blood pressure or what, but it should be fixed

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Happened to me 3 times without beeing in any building, just random anywhere on the map. After the latest hotfix on experimental, this didn´t happen anymore

This just happened to me as well. I was on the largest airstrip on the map. Went down 3 flights of stairs, no problem. When I went back up, after the second flight the screen went black. I was not against a wall. I had just reached the top step and I was dead.

If you are walking, well, then that is strange.

I've heard that if you're running on the second story of a building, at a window, the server thinks you're still running, and therefore thinks you ran straight off the second/third story. Try walking while on the second story of a building, be very careful.