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Bloodbag followed by uncounsciousness glitch
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Basically, I gave blood using the blood bag and then with the IV kit I created a Blood bag IV. I then administered this blood bag IV to a friend which after receiving it he fell into the common unconscious glitch where he could not wake up. He then tried to re-log and this caused his character to be considered dead. After he had relogged his character looked like he was still alive in front of me (kneeling) but he confirmed that he had a new skin near the east coast. Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else with the blood bag IV administration. Also tried using an epipen on him and this did not reestablish consciousness, although I've heard that the epipen is currently not working.


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This isn't a bug if you gave him the wrong blood type.

Yeah I read the information regarding the blood bag and blood types too late. I see that it was a mistake on my part.