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Character wipes
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The past few days I've had 4 or 5 characters wiped out. I've been wiped when I log out for the night on a server then click play the next day to log onto that server. I have also been wiped switching to another server when trying to join a few friends on a server that we have played on before that, did not wipe our characters.

It appears to be randomly happening to some people, like myself and one of the people I play with, and only in the past few days. I was thinking that the servers may not be white listed, but some of these servers have been up since before Christmas.


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Switch servers at random times.

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I got the same issues, and whenever after i logout, i login again i spawn at another location. Something is definitely wrong.

This happens very often and I think in the last 3 hours of game play it occurred 5 times. Trying to play with friends and the character gets wiped after a freeze.