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Easy way to duplicate all your stuff by duplicating yourself
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In fact, you join a server, and by doing something really simple you leave it before playing, then you re join the server and then you move backward and well played, you see yourself, you can kill him and you can steal your stuff. Even by doing that, you won't die and you'll get your stuff, no problem.

Really a game breaking bug, duplicate all your stuff is really broken. I've readed this bug on the internet.

It's even possible with the bug to have 5 clones of yourself with your stuff.

And MAYBE(not sure at all for this information/!\) it's working even better with a server with lags (like 150+ ping, but even with low ping no problem to do this bug)


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Steps To Reproduce

1: First your have to add a server of your choice to your favorites.

2: Second you have to join the server from your favorites and wait until it says "WAITING FOR HOST" in the middle of the screen and "Ready" On the bottom left corner of your screen. [^]

When you get to that screen spam the ESC key as fast as you can until you get kicked out to the main menu.

3: Then quickly join back to the same server.

4: When you join the game you need to move backward and you should see a copy of your self. [^]

5: Then proceed to killing your duplicated person.

6: Lastly proceed to gathering your duplicated items. [^]

(This bug is even really easy to do it if you have a friend who can tell you when you spawned(it means press esc when he sees your body connected to the server))

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Thanks in advance for fixing it and thanks for the game, awesome !

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Duplicate of #3688 (Reproduction of Character as unnamed basic AI entity.).

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