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shipwreck = extremely buggy (now logged in -.-)
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i was on the northern shipwreck twice and i found four bugs:

i was on the back part of the shipwreck and wanted to climb a ladder to the roof of the cabins (?) (the ladder was at the most 3 metres high)

  1. and after i climbed it up, i fell back down on the floor and broke my leg(from a height of 3 metres).

after that, i crawled inside the cabins and logged off and joined another server to get the 3d person view (i was on a server that didnt allowed
this sight).

  1. my broken leg was fixed and i was able to walk around, but then
  1. the ship disappeared, i fell into the water and died.

some other time, i just got out of the room where all the steering elements are, turned left and

  1. walked against the railing and just walked through it, as if there was nothing


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-simply do what i did

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i think its very annoying that you cant loot that shipwreck because you will die if you do anything :(

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you know it would be great if we didn't have all the adds on this site so as to focus on the real topic at hand instead of sifting though all this crap that gets posted in this topic as it has nothing to do with the ship problems could an admin clean this up please