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I would report more bugs, if you would help me play again.
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Why can't I play? Why no help? I've had an issue playing for a week now, it won't load all the way to where I can play anymore. Don't know what's different, but it seems to load the worlds of every server I join, but come time to play, it says "Please Wait" until I lose connection, 3-4 minutes. I hear birds, when I exit on my own it give me the normal menu with a shot of scenery, but it won't load my guy, even tried starting completely over after deleting all DayZ files. REALLY frustrating. I've posted on the feedback site and no solution has been suggested by developers, or other players. I can't respawn and start over. Not even after uninstalling and deleting all files, and starting over. If I could play, I could report bugs. I just want to play again.


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change you're steam name. might fix it

Also tried uninstalling, deleting all files, reinstalling.

Win7 64bit Nvidia GTX470, game version 0.30.113925

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maybe you should post this in the forum as this is not a technical help thread but a bug tracker. Sorry man but that's the way it is, you are experiencing technical problems and not a bug that is reproducable for any of us.

Well, I have. At least I think I have. Is there more than one forum on Steam? Or can you provide a link to it?

General Discussion in ?? I've posted there.

I fixed my problem by reinstalling Steam. It's only worth it because this is the only game I want to play! haha And it's not even a game yet! lol

This issue can be closed.


Good to hear that you managed to solve the problem by reinstalling Steam :)

In case you experience any other problems in the future, please feel free to submit another issue.