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[EXPLOIT] Can see through structure's walls
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You can see the exterior of the Office Building through an "invisible ceilling" when you switch to third person view on the last room (uppermost floor).

The camera moves freely above the character/room and let you see a lot of the oustside. This can be easily exploited by players to gain an unffair advantage over others. {F29440} {F29441} {F29442}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Locate an Office Building (Elektro, Berezino, etc)
  2. Go to the only room on the upper floor
  3. Switch to third person view
  4. Move the mouse/camera around until you can see the exterior of the building through an "invisible ceiling"
Additional Information

This issue seems to be related to camera collision/placement, and its common to happen on a variety of structures and buildings, even some on portions of the terrain.

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This almost always happens if you position your character's back against the wall, aim your weapon up towards the ceiling, then hold alt to look around. Depending on the structure you'll see most of the building or a big portion of the surrounding exterior.

This is not only in Third-Person! At the Airfields you can see through the wall an go in the wall! You can shoot people through the walls. My team and i was killed second times from a buguser. I have rebuild this and made a video on youtube. See here:

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