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When running on train tracks, character teleports back after a certain distance and the game locks up.
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As above, when I run on train tracks eventually I get brought back to where I first touched the train tracks and controls are unresponsive (Cannot use menu, move character or look around). Only option is to Alt-Tab and close program. After the first instance, if I even run near the same train tracks (in the same direction, and about 30 feet away) I will eventually be returned to the original spot. This has happened across a few different servers, and the only way I've managed to avoid it once the problem starts to occur is to head about half a click away from the train tracks, if I want to go a similar direction anyway. Going the opposite direction doesn't seem to be affected. I will note, it does seem to happen more when I'm sprinting with no weapon equipped and my fists raised.


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Sprint on train tracks with no weapon equipped, but fists raised.

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It is not just on train tracks, this issue happened to me to, one time our whole party of seven people were teleported back and controls locked, the time before that it happened to two of our party memebers but the rest were not effected. This was in the woods going South East from Green Mountain.

It also happened to me comming south on to the North West Runway when exploring the nothern side of the map, I was comming down South in the woods directly above the NWAF.

This has just started happening to me in the last few days. I've never associated it with the train tracks though. Once it happened at Balota air strip in the same manner as described above - it froze and I had to alt-f4. Sometimes, however, it teleports me and doesn't freeze, I just land somewhere nearby, although the distance seems to vary between 10m and 500m.