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Cannot walk through doorway in a house in the village of Bor
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In the village of Bor, as indicated with the uploaded image file, there is a house with a particular doorway that blocks the player.

There are no obstacles to be seen, however the player is blocked when attempting to walk tall through this doorway.

By crouching, the player can pass through this particular doorway.

The doorway seems to only be blocking the player from one side. {F29428}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Look at uploaded image.
  2. Goto house
  3. The square house has an added structure to it, with a doorway linking them.
  4. Walking tall from this added structure into the main building body will block the player.
  5. Walking through the doorway in the opposite direction, does not seem to block the player.
  6. Crouch walk to get through the doorway if blocked when walking tall.
Additional Information

This is afaik some dev build 0.30.113953.
My player character was wearing a backpack + mosin rifle + firemans axe on the back.
Player character's hands were empty.

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Apparently, this issue seems to be with the house model itself, as (afaik) a similar looking house also has this issue with the doorway, however this house is somewhere else on the map.

This time around, my character was fairly new, and only had a backpack on, with a couple of items in the inventory.

Presumably, it is just the file for the house model that is the cause of the blocked doorway.